An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 has announced the January 2007 launch of The ICv2 Guide, a new magazine title replacing the three titles it published in the past, ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games, ICv2 Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga, and ICv2 Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels.


The ICv2 Guide will include all the editorial features previously included in ICv2's Retailer Guides, and add reviews for the first time.  The new review section will include contributions from noted librarians and retailers, in addition to the ICv2 staff. 


The ICv2 Guide will provide a single magazine taking readers 'inside pop culture,' with bestseller lists describing what's hot, reviews describing what's good, and launch info describing what's next.  


ICv2 Publisher Milton Griepp explained the change.  'We've always emphasized the connections between categories, so it made sense to merge our magazines into a single title that covers them all,' he said.  'We also wanted to make it easier for librarians and other readers that don't get copies regularly to subscribe and get all of our coverage.' 


Each issue of the ICv2 Guide will focus on specific categories, continuing the unique editorial schedule established in recent years.  The schedule for 2007 has been determined, and will follow the 2006 schedule:


January -- Anime/Manga

February -- Graphic Novels

March -- Games

April -- Anime/Manga

May -- Graphic Novels

June -- Games

July -- Anime/Manga

August -- Games

September -- Graphic Novels

October -- Anime/Manga

November -- Games


Issue numbers will continue as if there had been a single title in the past; the first 2007 issue will be #39.


Distribution to retailers at shows and through distributors will continue, but a single subscription will now also allow librarians to better develop collections and activities in some of the most popular pop culture categories.


EBSCO is offering subscriptions to librarians for the ICv2 Guide; the title number is 408-601-128.  Subscriptions are also available directly from ICv2 (click here).