Mark Amoroso of Blackthorn Game Center in Dickson, Tennessee sent us this missive on the graphic novels available from the Wal-Mart Website:


I just happened to order the book Ghost Pirates and other Revenants of the Sea Collection from the Diamond TRU system.  The TRU site didn't have much information about the book so I decided to do a Web search for more info.  I was surprised to find a link to


Curious, I went to the site and found the book for just a bit more than what my discount price is from Diamond.  I decided to do a search for 'Diamond Comics Distributors' under 'books.'  To my surprise I found 2838 books that appear to be supplied to Wal-Mart by Diamond.


Wal-Mart sells the books at up to 37% off, with a .97 cent shipping fee.

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