WizKids has announced a special Heroclix Civil War tournament event, which retailers can hold in February either separately or in conjunction with other previously scheduled HeroClix events.  In the tournament event each player builds a 300-point army, which must include either one Captain America or one Iron Man sculpt.  Then the battle between Captain America's rebellion forces and Iron Man's pro-government army begins.  It is permissible to construct an army from sealed boosters, as long as the above restrictions are met.


Retailers who run and report the Marvel HeroClix Civil War event can win an exclusive 'Stark Industries Game Table' from Gale Force 9, a full set of Supernova's Marvel Zombies and other prizes. Eight runner-up retailers will win Marvel Zombies and HeroClix Limited Edition figures. To qualify, retailers must run and report the event by February 21, 2007, the street date of Marvel Comic's Civil War #7, and the conclusion to the mega-event that's shaking up the Marvel Universe.


On February 28, WizKids will post the final tally representing the HeroClix player's vote in the Civil War.  WizKids offers free online registration for participants in its organized play programs.