Toys and Games Outperform
June 22, 2018

Barnes & Noble reported another bad quarter, finishing off a year of them, as declining store traffic drove weak sales.

A Crossover That’s More Than Meets the Eye
June 21, 2018
IDW Publishing is bringing Starfleet and Cybertronians together in a new crossover this fall.
For Unpainted Miniatures Lines
June 21, 2018
WizKids will release a set of Unpainted Miniatures: Retailer Reorder Cards for the first six waves of WizKids, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures.
'The Board Game Book'
June 21, 2018
A team of games journalists and authors is putting together a book about games called The Board Game Book.
Plus Boosters, Case Incentive
June 21, 2018
WizKids plans to offer two different starters for the 10th set in its D&D Icons of the Realms series of pre-painted plastic miniatures.
Standalone Expansion for 'Muse'
June 20, 2018
Quick Simple Fun Games will release Muse: Awakenings, a standalone expansion for the lushly illustrated party game Muse .
Licenses New Edition
June 20, 2018
The 1996 cult hit board game City of Chaos will be published again in a new edition from Ares Games.
Over a Third More People at the Show than Two Years Ago
June 20, 2018
Origins Game Fair attendance went up substantially again in 2018, with over a third more people at the show on any given day than two years ago.
As DoJ Appears Close to Approval
June 20, 2018
Fox has accepted a new offer from Disney, as the deal appears poised to clear regulatory approval.
Expansion for WizKids Game
June 20, 2018
WizKids is unleashing a Fistful of Monsters into its licensed Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard card game.
Company Confirms
June 20, 2018
GameStop is in talks "regarding a potential transaction," the company confirmed Tuesday.
Harem Anime-Style Board Game from Japanime Games
June 20, 2018
Japanime Games will release Love Battle! High School , a competitive board game with a harem anime theme, in October.