Wizards of the Coast has a surprise in store for all Magic: The Gathering fans:  to celebrate the upcoming 15th anniversary of MTG and 10th anniversary of the core game, every single Tenth Edition card will be printed in entirely black borders.  The Tenth Edition core set for MTG is due out this summer and will, of course, take over from the Ninth Edition as the standard core set of cards for tournament play.  For the first time since the Limited Edition Beta release from October of 1993 the borders of the cards will all be black instead of white.


The Tenth Edition, which includes 350 cards, is slated to be released on July 13th.  A number of popular cards will be reprinted in 10th Edition including Lord of the Pit, Troll Ascetic, Incinerate, Platinum Angel, Mind Stone, Crucible of Worlds, Hurricane, Paladin en-Vec, Mogg Fanatic, Time Stop, and Loxodon Warhammer.