Of course there are already a number of electronic games featuring Goku and the rest of the gang from Dragonball Z, but it is yet another measure of the immense popularity of DBZ that Infogrames is producing a Gameboy Advance version of the DBZ CCG, which is published by Score.  Score's DBZ CCG has been a mainstay in ICv2's Top Ten Cool Games list, which tracks retail sell-through on a monthly basis.  The DBZ CCG is so popular that Infogrames is betting that an electronic version of game will prove popular with fans.  To win over the hardcore DBZ fans Infogrames is including a powerful, exclusive promotional card along with every game cartridge.


Just as in the DBZ CCG, players of the Game Boy Advance DBZ CCG game can achieve victory in three ways: a Survival victory in which the player eliminates all of the opponents cards first; a Dragon Ball victory, in which the player manages to collect all seven Dragon Balls; and a Most Powerful Personality victory in which a player reaches the highest personality level before any opponent.


Dragonball Z remains one of the most potent licenses of this era thanks to a continuing strong performance by the DBZ TV series on the Cartoon Network (see 'DBZ Rules').  DBZ consistently tops the list of subjects requested from Lycos and other internet search engines (see 'Dragonball Tops Lycos Searches for 2001'), and IF Labs has just launched a sophisticated line of collector-oriented action figures (see 'First Look At Deluxe Dragon Ball Figures').