Wizards of the Coast has major plans to make the October 12th launch of Lorwyn the biggest set release event in the history of Magic the Gathering.  Building on the success of Magic Game Day (see 'Interview With Chris Reeter & Chris Galvin, Part 2'), WotC is promising more support for retailers and more free stuff for consumers during the Lorwyn release weekend.  In addition to promotional posters for their stores, retailers will have lots of Lorwyn swag to give away including t-shirts, promo cards, life counters, deck boxes, score cards and pens.


Working with retailers, WotC is planning to have MTG demos, league play, as well as special tournaments at participating stores during the Lorwyn release weekend.


WotC is also planning more ad support for the Lorwyn launch.  TV ads for the Lorwyn Expansion began running on Adult Swim (where the viewer demographic closely mirrors the MTG player profile) on September 30th and continue for two weeks.