Wizards of the Coast has announced that its May 2008 release for Magic the Gathering, codenamed 'Jelly,' will be known as Shadowmoor.  The release of Shadowmoor will follow the February 2008 release of Morningtide, which is the small set that complements Lorwyn, due out on October 12th (see 'WotC Plans Major Lorwyn Events').


As previously explained (see 'Magic Shifts Block Formats'), WotC is ditching the old 3-set block format (a big set followed by two small sets) in favor of a new format consisting of two inter-related mini-blocks consisting of a large set and a smaller release.  Thus Lorwyn (a large set) will be followed by the smaller Morningtide, just as Shadowmoor (also a large release) will be followed by a smaller release (still code-named 'Doughnut').  The Lorwyn mini-block and the Shadowmoor mini-block will each have its own theme, its own mechanics, and its own creative design.  However, the two blocks are designed to be synergistic and intentionally interconnected.