The assets of ACD Distribution, the second largest U.S. distributor of games to game and hobby stores, have been sold to Bob Maher.  Once the transition is to the new ownership is fully accomplished Maher has plans to expand ACD's operations by opening new warehouses and upgrading ACD's Website and operations (see 'Interview With ACD's New Owner').  Since ACD, which was founded in 1994, rose to prominence in its early days primarily as a distributor of Wizard of the Coast's Magic the Gathering CCG, it is somehow fitting that its new owner is a former professional Magic player. 


In 2002 ACD, which has its home base in Madison, Wisconsin, opened a second warehouse in Fresno, California (see 'ACD Opens California Warehouse').  All the employees at both ACD locations will be retained by the new company, which is now known as ACD, LLC.  Bob Maher will replace former CEO Rich Kummer as President of the new ACD, but so far that is the only personnel move resulting from the change of ownership.  Danny Procell will continue to function as the General Manager of ACD's operations.


Maher told ICv2 that the driving force behind the company's sale 'was not necessarily related to the gaming industry.'  Maher has purchased ACD's assets, but not its liabilities and he told ICv2 that creditors will be dealt with on a case by case basis.