The Cartoon Network has announced the debut of the Bakugan anime series on Sunday February 24th at 9 pm (ET, PT).  Like a lot of anime series targeting boys from 9-12, Bakugan (also known as Bakugan Battle Brawlers) is based on a strategic card game developed by Japan's Sega Toys and the Toronto-based Spin Master (see 'Bakugan, An International Multi-Media Property'). The ongoing Bakugan anime series, which is produced by TMS and Japan Vistec, debuted in Japan last April and in Canada last June.


In the Bakugan anime series kids around the world start finding interesting cards and create a battle game with them without knowing that the cards correspond to an alternate world called Vestroia, where Bakugan warriors are waging war.  'Baku' is the Japanese word for 'explode' and the word 'gan' means sphere -- which sets up the magnetic, spring-loaded marbles that are part of the Bakugan game, along with cards.  Once the Bakugan anime establishes itself, look for a coordinated release of the Bakugan game elements from Spin Master.