Upper Deck is offering retailers who attend the Upper Deck presentation that will be held on Monday April 21st at the GAMA trade show a free World of Warcraft CMG promo figure.  Retailers will get to examine the exceptional detail of the 40mm WoW miniatures and show them to potential customers a full six months before the release of the Upper Deck World of Warcraft CMG (see "World of Warcraft Miniatures Game") later this year.


In addition to providing retailers attending the Upper Deck presentation at 4 pm on Monday afternoon a free WoW promo figure, Upper Deck will provide GAMA attendees with a sneak peek at a truly spectacular figure, the massive Onyxia, the broodmother of the black dragons of Azeroth.  Meticulously designed in perfect scale with the standard 40mm minis of the WoW CMG, the ferocious figure of Onyxia has a wing span of two feet and measures over 26 inches from head to tail.