Sabretooth Games is set to release the first expansion for its popular Warhammer 40,000 CCG at the end of this month.  The expansion includes both Starter Deck Displays ($119.88) and Booster Displays ($131.60).  The expansion brings the typically bloodthirsty Warhammer conflict to the world of Coronis where the Imperial Guard is dug in and waiting for the attacking Tyranid hordes.  The Coronis Campaign Expansion introduces two new factions, the Tyranid and the Imperial Guard.  The set will contain over 200 new cards that bring the Tyranids and Imperial Guards to the fore, but also reinforce the game's existing races with new units and characters, allowing them new deck types, new strategies, and new styles.


The Starter Deck Display includes 12 preconstructed decks of 55 cards each along with a rulebook.  The 12 decks in the display consist of six Tyranid and six Imperial Guard decks.  The Starter Decks are preconstructed so that games are balanced and easy-to-play -- and although the decks offer players who are already involved in the Warhammer 40K CCG a chance to expand game play tremendously, players do not need any Base Set decks from the initial release to play the game.  Each new deck comes with a complete set of rules and will carry a suggested retail price of $9.99.


The full color Booster Pack Displays each contain 40 Booster Packs.  Each Booster Pack will include 12 cards with a mix of 8 commons, 3 uncommon, and one rare card.  A premium foil card replaces the rare card in every 6 or 7 boosters.  The Booster Packs will contain cards for the two new races (Tyranids & Imperial Guard) as well as for the four races included in the Warhammer 40K initial release.  The Booster Packs carry a suggested retail price of $3.29.


With the highly successful launch of Warhammer 40K, Sabretooth Games is on something of a role having just snagged WOTC marketing maven Keith Strom (see 'Sabretooth Snags Marketing Exec').  Backed by the financial and artistic resources of Games Workshop (see 'Games Workshop Buys 85% of Sabretooth'), Sabretooth is in position to become a key supplier of CCGs.  Even retailers who only dabble in CCGs should consider bringing in a small amount of Warhammer 40K CCG product to gauge interest among their clientele.