Days of Wonder has announced that it will make Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries ($50) available for the first time on worldwide basis in September 2008.  With its wintry landscapes and seasonal graphics, this game, which was previously only available in Scandinavia in the Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian languages, is a perfect gift for the holiday season. 


Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is a complete board game for 2-3 players.  It features routes across Scandinavia and has a vertically-formatted board map that encompasses the Scandinavian countries.  The deluxe game also includes 135 trains, 110 Nordic train cards, 46 Destination tickets, and a special bonus Globetrotter Bonus card. 


Days of Wonder released the game exclusively in Scandinavia last year, and Ticket to Ride fans from all over the world have been scrambling to acquire versions of the games from friends in Scandinavia and campaigning vigorously for DOW to release the game more widely.  Days of Wonder has indicated that this special English language edition of Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries “is expected to be available for only a limited time.”