Guardians of Order has announced four new anime fan guides for release in the coming months, in addition to previously announced titles (see 'New Schedule for Anime Fan Guides').  Trigun:  Ultimate Fan Guide #2, covering episodes #14 to #26, is shipping to distributors in late June.   Armitage Ultimate Fan Guide, with movie summaries, character profiles, and more for features Armitage:  Dual Matrix and Armitage III:  Polymatrix is shipping to distributors in July.  Hellsing Ultimate Fan Guide #1 (of 2), features episode summaries, character profiles, etc. relating to episodes1-6, and will ship to distributors in August.  Niea_7:  Ultimate Fan Guide features the usual and is due to ship to distributors in September.  All of the above are also supplements for Guardians' BESM game and include character sheets. 


The BESM:  Anime Fantasy Calendar will ship to distributors in August.  It will feature artwork by Niko Geyer, with images of all the popular mystical races (elves, dwarves, etc.), as well as 'fiendish monsters and dastardly creatures.'