Roleplaying game publishers reacted strongly to Wizards of the Coast’s announcement that it was ceasing PDF sales of its products (see “WotC Ends PDF Download Sales”), reaffirming their support for PDF sales and initiating special offers to lure former WotC customers. 


Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens said in conjunction with announcing a 35% discount on Pathfinder PDF books, “This offer is a way to show our support for the PDF format.”


White Wolf Alternative Publishing Developer Eddy Webb said, “I believe this is a growing market with potential we haven’t yet had a chance to fully explore, both as publishers and as fans of roleplaying games.”  White Wolf is offering a free download of Exalted Second Edition core rulebook and a discount on all sales.


And Green Ronin said, “Green Ronin values and appreciates our PDF customers and to show it we've put True20 on sale for only $9.99.