Mongoose Publishing has announced that it will end sales of its current Babylon 5 and Paranoia RPG products at the end of June and that currently available products will not be reprinted. For Babylon 5, this signals the end of Mongoose’s six-year involvement with the license, while a new, 25th Anniversary line of Paranoia products will be out later this year (see “New ‘Judge Dredd’ RPG & Miniatures Games”).


“We have had a great ride on the Babylon 5 station for the past six years, visiting
the Minbari homeworld and traveling to the Rim, but all good things must come to an end,” said Mongoose co-founder Matthew Sprange. The company ended its Babylon 5: A Call to Arms miniatures game last March (see “Mongoose Stifles ‘A Call to Arms’”).


Upcoming 25th Anniversary Paranoia releases include the Paranoia: Troubleshooters rulebook, Black Missions Limited Edition, and the Paranoia Game Master’s Screen in August. September will see the release of Paranoia: Internal Security and the curiously titled products Termination Quota Exceeded and Treason in Word and Deed.