Fred Swayne of Infinity Entertainment is back with an update on what his store has received on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Metal Raiders expansion -- and he's not happy.  For Fred's previous comments on the Yu-Gi-Oh! situation see 'Fred And Sue Swayne of Infinity Entertaiment on Yu-Gi-Oh!' and for our latest overview see 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Still in Short Supply in Hobby Stores'.


Just read your story on Yu-Gi-Oh and Upper Deck saying there will be a greater supply available. We got our order in on Frday at 1PM, only a portion of what we ordered, and were sold out by 8PM. We just ordered more off the secondary market at twice the price. But, a local discount chain is informing people that they will have Metal Raiders this week, and of course at a discounted price. Nice work Upper Deck.