At Gen Con Indy, Privateer Press announced a licensing deal with video-game publisher WhiteMoon Dreams to bring Warmachine to the realm of electronic gaming. The game will feature both single-player and online content and include many familiar elements and characters from Privateer’s miniatures game.


Privateer Press Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson commented on the deal by saying, “It has always been a dream of Privateer Press to see the characters and world we’ve created step off the table top and into other popular mediums…I am extremely excited at the chance to work with this group of talented developers and watch as they bring the world of Warmachine to life like never before.” WhiteMoon Dreams’ Game Director Kevin Mack said that he was a “huge fan” of Warmachine and that the video game was “a game that had to be made.”


WhiteMoon Dreams is a video-game developer based out of Pasadena and founded in 2006. While no platform was mentioned in connection with the Warmachine games, WhiteMoon bills itself as a “developer of high-quality titles for Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and Nintendo Wii.” The company is looking for a publisher for both Warmachine and its other announced title, Aftermath.