Mark Farace of All American Collectibles in St. Louis was prompted by recent comments on Yu- Gi-Oh (see, 'Ralph Finck of The Batter's Box on Yu-Gi-Oh') to let us know that he's focused on the opportunity and thinks complaints about availability are off base.


I'm getting a little tired of Yu-Gi-Oh too!  Not the cards -- which we have ample supplies of.  Not the kids -- which we have plenty of patience for.  And not the parents -- which we have extra patience and aspirin for.  It's the whining retailers.  Instead of doing their job and finding product all they want to do is whine and curse. 
I did my job years ago with Pokemon and will continue to do my job and hunt down Yu-Gi-Oh.  I spent 10 years in the insurance industry and learned one very important thing about sales.  If your 'A' product goes up in price or becomes unobtainable (for example auto insurance), you have three choices:  1) Sell something else -- there are plenty of houses to insure (and Magic is where these kids will be in a couple years anyhow).  2) Sell yourself.  You'd be amazed how many people will buy your more expensive product if you explain your extra efforts to obtain it (and maybe even tell them that they can save $2 if they drive 20 minutes down the road, find a parking spot and wait in line at the chain store -- if you get my drift!).  And finally, 3) QUIT.  If this last one is your option, let me know and I'll back my truck up to your store and you can point your customers to my store. 
Yu-Gi-Oh is an 'opportunity' that NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF US would have thought would happen again (how many people did you tell that there would NEVER be another Pokemon?).  OPPORTUNITY or EXCUSES?  I know which one will pay my mortgage.