Neoncon, a regional, multi-genre gaming convention, has announced plans for GamesU 2009, the Social Games Unconference.  Gen Con is the exclusive sponsor of the event, which will be held in conjunction with Neoncon November 5-8 in Las Vegas. 


The event is based on BarCamp, WordCamp, and other more tech-oriented unconferences, and strives to create an environment where social game designers can learn from each other, serving the same function for the tabletop field as the Game Developer’s Conference does for videogame developers. 


Erik Mona of Paizo is the Keynote speaker.  Other presenting designers include Randall Bills, Marcelo Figuroa, Joshua J. Frost, Matthew Grau, Jess Hartley, Ed Healy, Boyan Radakovich, Stan!, and John Wick. 


“Grassroots, fun, smart and social games—these are the hallmarks of a Gen Con experience, which is why we are on board,” Gen Con Senior Director of Sales Scott Elliott said of Gen Con’s support of the event.