Crafty Games has left the Flaming Cobra imprint of Mongoose Publishing and will now act as an independent game publisher; its products will be available through Mongoose only until the end of March.  Starting next month, the Crafty Games line will be distributed through Studio 2 Publishing.


The now independent publisher plans a third edition of the award-winning Spycraft for Spring 2011.  Building on the success of Fantasy Craft (see ‘FantasyCraft’ From Crafty and Mongoose Games), the new edition will use the Mastercraft rules system and will focus on modern espionage stories.


The goal of the new edition is to better coordinate the game system with Crafty Games’ other core games.  It will include more information on the spy trade than earlier editions, and is based more on real world intelligence methods.


Spycraft Third Edition promises a high level of flexibility and many customization options.  Gamemasters and players can explore campaigns based on realistic systems or magic-like super-science, or anything in between.


This summer, Crafty Games plans to conclude its last series of Spycraft 2.0 products.  The final product in that line will be World on Fire:  Born of Ashes.


This summer will also see the release of the Fantasy Craft Second Printing, scheduled for July or August.  The new edition will include errata and corrections from the earlier printing.  Like other Mastercraft books, the focus is on flexibility and customization of characters, settings, and rules.


Fantasy Craft support materials are also planned for this year.  The Adventure Companion is slated for a summer release.  Spellbound and Time of High Adventure are both expected in the fall.