The new publisher of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Cryptozoic Entertainment, has announced the worldwide release of the Wrathgate Expansion, the second of three sets in the Wraith of the Lich King block, on May 25th, 2010. 


Wrathgate is the 11th expansion for the WoW TCG.  It features 220 cards from Northrend and the new Argent Crusade faction.  Players can use new Wrathgate crafting materials to forge new gear for their WoW TCG heroes as well as recruit figures from Warcraft lore such as Highlord Tirion Fordring for battle against the Scourge.


Each Wrathgate Booster Pack contains 19 cards.  As was the case with previous WoW TCG releases the new expansion will include three different Loot cards that will be randomly inserted in the boosters.  The Loot cards contain codes which can be redeemed for cosmetic upgrades to World of Warcraft MMORPG characters.  The Loot cards in Wrathgate are "Landro’s Gift," "Statue Generator," and "Blazing Hippogryph".  The "Blazing Hippogryph" is another exclusive TCG mount—a flying mount that can set the skies on fire, and like previous mount cards, likely to be a highly sought after.


Also, in a key new promotion, hobby retailers who order from authorized Cryptozoic distributors can take part in a “Buy-the-Box Program.”  Players who purchase a Wrathgate Booster Box from a participating hobby retailer will receive an exclusive extended art “Torch of Holy Fire” card for supporting their local hobby store.  Supplies are limited so consumers and retailers should act quickly to take advantage of this promotion.  Promotion registration ends on May 3rd.