Z-Man Games plans to release two new boardgames in October:  Rattus and Merchants & Marauders.


In Rattus, players compete to expand their population across Europe while trying to survive the deadly plague.  Players earn “class” cards by placing population cubes on the board, which are joined by rat tokens.  When the plague reaches a new region, the rat tokens are flipped to reveal the plague’s deadly effects.  Designed by Ase and Henrik Berg for two to four players.


The suggested retail price for Rattus will be $39.99.  Stock number is ZMG 7054.


Pirates are the theme for Merchants & Marauders.  Designed by Christian Marcussen and Kasper Aagaard, this game invites players to assume the role of lawless pirates, sailing the waters of the Caribbean in search of plunder, or merchants seeking a quick profit.  Players raid each other as well as non-player merchants, buy and sell cargo, hunt down rumors of treasure, and modify or improve their ships in port.  A too-successful pirate will have a large bounty on his head, which the other players can attempt to collect.