Z-Man Games has released details of five new games planned for release over the next two months.


Shipping to distributors in August:


Bottle Imp is a trick-taking card game created by Gunter Cornett.  But the game has a twist:  the winner of a trick must take the “bottle imp.”  If the imp cannot be disposed of before the end of the round, the player takes a negative score.  Suggested retail price is $10.00.  Stock number is ZMG 4066.


Parade is a card game from Japanese game designer Naoki Homma, originally published in Japan in 2007.  Featuring artwork inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the action centers on a “parade” of cards that all players add cards to during play.  Majority ownership of a card suit is key to victory.  Suggested retail $10.00.  Stock number ZMG 4065.





Releasing in September:


Burrows puts players in charge of a gopher burrow.  The gophers must be satisfied if the player is to attract tourists hoping to photograph the furry creatures.  Unsatisfied tourists will leave “complaint tokens.”  The player with the fewest tokens wins.  Designed by Jeb Havens.








Power Struggle pits players in a power struggle for control of a large corporation.  The game was designed by Bauldric and Friends.  Players manipulate the corporation’s internal politics to achieve goals in investment, corruption, influence, and position.  The first player to earn points in four of six categories wins.


Hansa Teutonica is a board game from designer Andreas Steding.  Players must manipulate trade routes and the economy to maximize profits to increase their standing in the powerful Hanseatic League.  Originally published by 999 Games.  Suggested retail price:  $49.99.