Dakota, an elaborate euro-style board game inspired by the conquest of the West, is now available in Europe and will be distributed in the U.S. in February. Designed by Piero Cioni for 3-5 players, ages 10 and up, Dakota allows players to lead a group of settlers or a tribe of Native Americans. 
Each player belongs to either the settler or the native factions and tries to achieve his or her objectives by making alliances from time to time with the others, independent of their factions thanks to a game mechanic that allows for balanced play even with an uneven number of native or settler players.
The objective of the settlers is to exploit the territory for industrial and agricultural uses, while players in the native faction attempt to keep the territory as natural and undisturbed as possible, while using its resources to enhance the prosperity of their own tribe.
Dakota (MSRP $59.99) is the first game published by NG International under the Tenki Games brand. NG International will be distributing Dakota in the U.S. on its own (see “Nexus Games Enters U.S.”).