Sales in the hobby game channel grew around 10% in 2010 despite a continued weak economy, according to the 2010 market report in Internal Correspondence #74.  The increase was the result of growth in every game category in 2010.  The saying says “As goes Magic, so goes the hobby game market,” and that certainly held true in 2010.  Magic was super-strong for hobby retailers, with growing events and sales across the board.  Other collectible games were also strong, with Yu-Gi-Oh! and HeroClix making strong contributions to the category.  The revived World of Warcraft TCG also made an impact.  

Collectible games grew not only in the hobby channel, but also at mass, where Magic: The Gathering took the #1 slot and Yu-Gi-Oh! also had a good year.

Board games had another growth year, with Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne maintaining their leadership position and a growing deckbuilding roster now forming an important subcategory.    

Sales in Q4 2010 topped off the year, with a strong holiday season even though key days were missed due to weather in some important markets.   

The game coverage in Internal Correspondence #74 includes a look ahead to the 2011 market, a preview of the hobby-first release of Spin Master’s RedaKai TCG, and an interview with Wizards of the Coast CEO Greg Leeds.  

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