Plaid Hat Games has announced an August release for Dungeon Run, a dice-rolling modular board game that includes some interesting RPG elements. Designed by Mr. Bistro with art by John Ariosa and Sergi Marcet, Dungeon Run is an exciting run through a dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. Dungeon Run can be played solo or by up to 4 players ages 10 and up. 
Each player controls one of eight different familiar RPG fantasy characters ranging from a Knight to a Tundra Orc to a Grounder Wizard. Each character has its own powers and abilities that are upgradeable and customizable. Players can work together to overcome the perils of the dungeon or they can betray and sabotage each other to obtain the ultimate treasure that lies in the final room of the dungeon.
Plastic Hero Pieces
Dungeon Run features a randomly-assembled dungeon that is different in every game. Its configuration changes as do the monsters the players face and the treasures that they can recover. The Dungeon Run game includes: 8 plastic hero playing pieces, 8 hero cards, 4 dungeon boss cards, 26 cardboard dungeon tiles, 80 ability cards, 40 encounter cards, 23 treasure cards, 4 artifact cards, 4 player reference cards, 40 wound markers, 24 training markers, 10 dice, 1 first Player token, and a rulebook.