Brian Vanclieaf of Great Canadian Games & Hobbies in Sudbury (Ontario), Canada shares how the recent Magic: The Gathering--New Phyrexia pre-release went for his store.

I run a store in Sudbury, Ontario and while I don't sell comics I do have a large group of Magic: The Gathering players.  I normally run my pre-release events on a Sunday for several reasons: customers work schedules, regular Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments on the Saturday and just the fact that Saturday is a normally busy day.  This year, due to Mother's Day we switched the pre-release to Saturday.  My normal turnout is 36 and we always turn people away.  But not this time as only 18 people showed up.  The strange thing is my box pre-orders were very good.  So good that I had to cut them off, so the product has buzz.  I, like many others would ask Wizards of the Coast to check their calendars in the future before scheduling events.

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