EN World and Goodman Games have announced plans to publish a quarterly d20 magazine, EN World Player's Journal, beginning March 2003.  It will be a 64-page publication retailing for $5.00.  The format will not include news, reviews, excerpts, or previews; all content will be original, based on the maxim, 'If feats and prestige classes didn't exist, what would you write about?'  In addition to Goodman and EN World, content will be contributed by Bastion Press, Green Ronin, Mystic Eye Games, and fans. 


ENworld.org says it is 'the most popular d20 Website, bar none,' with over 60,000 visitors per day.  Goodman Games, which will handle the actual publishing of the magazine, is a d20 publisher known for its Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex and Aerial Adventure Guide d20 products.


The Paizo Publishing magazines, Dragon and Dungeon Adventures (see 'WotC Spins Off Magazines') and Campaign magazine from Fast Forward (see 'Fast Forward Takes Over Campaign') could be seen as appealing to a similar audience.