Gary Games has announced the summer 2012 release of Ascension: Immortal Heroes, the latest expansion to the company’s innovative deck-building game Ascension.  Asension: Immortal Heroes (MSRP $29.99) is a supplement to Gary Games’ full size expansion, Ascension: Storm of Souls that was released in January of 2012.
As the second set in the Ascension: Storm of Souls series, Ascension: Immortal Heroes completes the Storm of Souls story arc and expands on the mechanics employed in Storm of Souls.  Though designed primarily to be played with Ascension: Storm of Souls, Ascension: Immortal Heroes can be effortlessly synched with other Ascension releases or even played on its own.
Ascension: Immortal Heroes provides players with all new “Soul Gem” cards providing them with another weapon to use to thwart Kythis’ evil plans to enslave the souls of heroes from the first war.