The Alderac Entertainment Group has announced the July release of Thunderstone 8, Caverns of Bane, a new expansion for the Thunderstone: Advance Deck-Building Game.  In the expansion AEG is reintroducing treasures to the Thunderstone: Advance environment.  In this expansion treasure cards come with monsters, and they’re using them, which presents all sorts of new challenges to players.  The treasure card will have one effect if a monster is holding it and a different effect in a player’s hand.
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And then there are new heroes like the “level 3 Disowned.”  She is a Berserker who can do enormous amounts of damage, but players should watch out.  When she gets to chopping, she doesn't discriminate between friend and foe too well, and she can clean out a player’s entire party in the process (talk about your double-edged sword).  Playing with this powerful card presents a number of difficult deck-building challenges.