Ares Games has announced the fourth quarter 2012 release of Aztlan, a classic sophisticated Euro-style board game that takes place over 5 epochs as four tribes strive to prosper and survive under the scrutiny of cruel Aztec deities.  Aztlan is a strategy game with bluffing and challenging mechanics for 3-4 players.  Set in ancient MesoAmerica, the game benefits from superior graphics created by Drew Baker, who has contributed to Dragon Magazine, the Dungeons & Dragons RPG, and The Legend of the Five Rings card game.
Leo Colovini, who designed the game, is well known for the numerous games he has created including Inkognito, Carolus Magnus, Cartagena (a particular favorite of the Secret Service), and Carcassone: The Discovery.  Ares Games plans to debut Aztlan at Essen Spiel in Germany in mid-October.  The Aztlan board game was previously announced by Nexus Games, which went out of business before releasing it (see "Leo Colovini's 'Aztlan'").