At the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced the winners of the 38th Annual Origins Awards.  The winners were chosen by the attendees of the Origins event from a list of nominees selected in each category by retailers attending the GAMA Trade Show in March (see "Origins Awards Nominees" for a complete list of the games that were honored with a nomination).   
Wizards of the Coast and Catalyst Game Labs each won two Origins Awards, while Paradigm Concepts won "Best RPG" for Arcanis, and Cubicle 7 took "Best RPG Supplement" for Call of Cthulhu: Shadows Over Scotland.  Here is a complete list of the 38th Annual Origins Award winners:
Best Board Game
Conquest of Nerath – Wizards of the Coast
Best Traditional Card Game
NUTS! -  Wildfire, LLC
Best Family, Party, or Children’s Game
Get Bit! – Mayday Games
 Best Miniatures Figure or Line
Storm Strider – Privateer Press
Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion
Battletech: The Wars of Reaving -  Catalyst Game Labs
Best Collectable Card Game or Expansion
Magic The Gathering--Innistrad – Wizards of the Coast
Best Role Playing Game
Arcanis -Paradigm Concepts
Best Role Playing Supplement
Shadows Over Scotland (Call of Cthulhu) -  Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Best Game Accessory
Shadowrun Runner’s Toolkit – Catalyst Game Labs
Best Game-Related Publication
The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design – Open Design LLC
Best Historical Board Game
Strike of the Eagle – Academy Games
Best Historical Miniatures Rules or Expansion
Flames of War: Cassino – Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.
Best Historical Miniatures Figure or Line
Bolt Action WW2 – Warlord Games
Best Play By Mail or Correspondence
Heroic Fantasy – Flying Buffalo Inc.