Those who enjoy the complexity and challenge of classic European board games with their detailed approach to replicating the difficulties and opportunities of various sorts of economic activity will find much to enjoy in Swordfish, a new board game designed by Pierluigi Frumusa and Davide Rissi and published by the Italian company Ghenos Games.  Swordfish will be distributed in the U.S. by ElfinWerks and in Canada by Tartan Grizzly.
Game Board--Click for a Better View
Swordfish, which is designed for between 2-6 players, is set in the North Atlantic where the cool waters of the Labrador Current hit the warmth of the Gulf Stream, which results in great fishing grounds as well as some of the biggest oceanic storms.  Players hire and provision boats, engage captains and crews, and then sail out into the rough seas of the North Atlantic looking for the biggest haul of the delectable swordfish.  The player who manages to avoid "The Perfect Storm" and make it back to port with the largest catch is the winner of this game, which takes about 75 minutes to play.