Wizards of the Coast’s seminal tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons is in a period of intense change, with an extended period of development of the new edition coupled with mining the past of D&D by reprinting earlier editions.  ICv2 had the opportunity to ask Dungeons and Dragons brand director Nathan Stewart a few questions about the company’s plans. 
How was the response to the AD&D books (see "WotC to Reprint 'AD&D'")?
The response has been very good, and we are especially happy to see such a great response to the Gygax Memorial Fund.  We are honored to contribute to the fund, and it is gratifying to help spread the word about the efforts to create a lasting memorial to Gary Gygax and his work.
 Are you going to be keeping the D&D 3.5 books (see "WotC to Reprint '3.5 Edition'") in print?
We are doing a limited run of our special edition reprints to celebrate the history of D&D, but these will not be an evergreen product for Wizards.
Will you reprint any additional 3.5 books?  Is there any new 3.5 material planned?
We do have a couple of fan favorite reprints planned for 3.5 in the near future, but I can’t announce any specifics at this time.
Why are you calling the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons D&D Next (see "The 'D&D Next' Keynote") and not D&D 5E?
We don’t have an official name yet since the product is still in development.  D&D Next is just the moniker that we are using now.
How will miniatures be incorporated into D&D Next?
Our goal is to make D&D Next a game in which players from all editions feel at home.  Players may choose to use miniatures at the table or not, based on their personal preference.
How many releases a year are you planning for D&D–based board games?  
We are very happy with our board games and will continue creating new board games and expansions as they make sense for the brand.  The plan is to continue to tie these releases to our yearly theme like our recent Dungeon Command release The Sting of Lolth.  We don’t have a set number in mind, but instead will focus on creating great user experiences.
How will the board games be affected by D&D Next?
D&D Next will allow us to continue to focus on themes and storytelling, and the board games will reflect this same focus.