WizKids Games will release the first expansion for its Mage Knight Board Game in December.  Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion Expansion will be designed by Vlaada Chvatil, who also designed the base game (along with Galaxy Truckers, Dungeon Pets, and other games). 
It will introduce a new Mage Knight, Wolfhawk; and a new foe, General Volkare.  Included in the set will be new location tiles, enemy/ruin tokens, Unit cards, Advanced Action cards, Artifact cards, Spell cards, and a reulbook expansion with new game scenarios and rules for play for five players. 
The revival of Mage Knight was announced almost two years ago (see "'Mage Knight' Is Back"), but the board game, the first product based on the property, was not released until Q4 of 2011, when it hit #4 on ICv2’s Top 10 Board Game chart (see "Top 10 Board Games—Q4 2011").