Mayfair Games has announced the November 15th release of Catan Scenarios: Frenemies of Catan (MSRP $5), which requires the Settlers of Catan board game, and The Rivals of Catan: Era of Enlightment Expansion ($15), a 125-card expansion of the two-player card game that requires ownership of the Rivals of Catan basic card set.
The 125-card Era of Enlightenment Expansion includes 3 themes, "The Era of Explorers," "The Era of Sages," and "The Era of Prosperity."  Designed by Catan creator Klaus Teuber for 2 players ages 12 and up, The Era of Enlightment Expansion adds new layers of fun and excitement to the Rivals of Catan two-player card game.
The Catan Scenarios: Frenemies of Catan focuses on "altruism" with game scenarios set during a time of beneficence with the Guilds of Catan rewarding altruistic behavior with "Favor Tokens," but there can be ulterior motives to these acts of kindness and sometimes "helping a friend," can make things far worse for them.
The Catan Scenarios: Frenemies of Catan requires all of the components of the basic Settlers of Catan board game.  Frenemies of Catan includes the following components: one Guild Hall Board (with 5 Guild Halls), 8 Victory Point Markers, 58 Favor Tokens, 8 Trader Guild FTs, 8 Merchant Guild FTs, 8 Road Builder Guild FTs, 17 Scholar Guild FTs, and 17 Master Builder Guild FTs.