The explosive growth in the hobby games business in the spring of this year (see "Hobby Games Explosive") continued through the summer, according to a recently released report in ICv2’s Internal Correspondence #80.  Longtime industry insiders are comparing the current market to the Pokemon boom era around 2000, but with the difference that sales are good across the board rather than dependent on a single title.

The impact of Geek and Sundry’s TableTop continues to grow as more shows become available, with up to a quintupling of sales in the short run and doubling more long term for shows featured.  A promotion in Target is seen as a possible benefit to hobby retailers, with plans for a TableTop hobby channel promotion highly anticipated.

Kickstarter is also having an impact on sales in hobby stores, with the new financing option seen as a net positive for hobby retailers by most, despite the fact that significant sales area taking place direct from manufacturer to consumer.

Hobby game sales are going up across categories; even the perennially week RPG category is growing despite the fact that category-defining Dungeons & Dragons is in the interregnum between the announcement of a new edition and its release.

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