The December issue of Games Magazine has hit the stands, and that means that the year-end list of the Top 100 Games is out, along with their selections for the top game and runner-up in seven categories.  Here are the Best and Runners Up.

Abstract Strategy
Best: Matter, from Simplyfun
Runner Up: Mine Shift, from Mindware
Advanced Strategy
Best: Village, from Tasty Minstrel Games
Runner Up: Olympos, from Rio Grande
Best: Decktet, from 1+P
Runner Up: Mindus Novus, from Asmodee
Best: Takenoko, from Asmodee
Runner Up: Eruption, from Stratus Games
Best: Pluckin’ Pairs, from  R&R Games
Runner Up: Snake Oil, from Snake Oil
Best: Zong Shi, from Gryphon Games
Runner Up: Lords of the Waterdeep , from WotC
Word Games
Best: Kerflip!, from Creative Foundry
Runner Up: Pass-Ack Words, from R&R Games