Kobold Quarterly will cease publication with issue #23, the publisher announced.  The magazine, which focused on roleplaying games, had been published for five and a half years.  Despite strong positive reactions from some (see "Rolling for Initiative--The Coming of the 'Kobold' (Quarterly)"), sales were insufficient to support a staff, and "editing, publishing, and distributing Kobold Quarterly with a staff of volunteers and freelancers has simply exhausted the existing Kobold staff," the announcement said.
Magazines covering RPGs have had a difficult time in recent years; Wizards of the Coast ended its relationship with Paizo for publishing Dragon and Dungeon magazines in 2007 (see "'Dragon' and 'Dungeon' Magazines to End").  While WotC was not totally focused on the print sales when it made that decision (it moved similar content online behind a pay subscription wall), the end of the flagship magazines about RPGs was a telling point in the marketplace.