Hexagonist Publishing, LLC has acquired the rights to the trademark “TSR Games.” The company will begin publishing its first product, Gygax Magazine, in December.
The new TSR Games was formed by Jayson Elliot. In comments made on the ENWorld forum, Elliot explained that the TSR Games trademark had lapsed following the purchase of the old TSR by Wizards of the Coast in the 1990s, and the new company picked up the rights in 2011.
TSR Games has recruited two of the sons of Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Ernie and Luke, which has given the new company access to the Gygax name (rights to the name E. Gary Gygax reside with the Gygax Family Estate, run by his second wife Gail Gygax). Contributors to the magazine will also include a number of veterans from the original TSR.
Gygax Magazine will focus on tabletop non-electronic gaming and role-playing. The magazine promises to offer content for both new and experienced gamers, combining both current role-playing titles as well as classic and out-of-print games. TSR Games plans to publish both a print and a digital version of the magazine.
TSR Games and Hexagonist Publishing are not associated with Wizards of the Coast, owners of Dungeons & Dragons.