Video game design house Goblinworks, which has the license to produce an MMO based on the Pathfinder role playing game (see "Goblinworks Gets 'Pathfinder' MMO"), has begun a second Kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund the project. Backers of the new campaign will be able to influence the content priorities in the game
The new Kickstater campaign seeks to raise $1 million toward the development of the game. In addition to raising funds, Goblinworks also seeks to draw the game’s fan base into the development process.  CEO Ryan Dancey described this process: "We are unveiling a process we’re calling Crowdforging with this Kickstarter.  We are going to engage directly with the community and allow them unprecedented influence on the selection and prioritization of the game’s most-desired features.  This is a much more intimate process of community development than any MMO has offered in the past."
Backers will be invited to participate in surveys about elements of the game design, such as which playable races will be included in the game.  New surveys will be offered when each stretch goal is reached.  Backers can also purchase access to the game’s Beta Test, currently expected in late 2014.  The MMO is scheduled to release in 2016.
The original Kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder Online, to fund a technology demo, ended on June 8 with over $300,000 worth of pledges. It also spawned some real-world products (see "'Pathfinder Online' Tie-in").