The third and final set in the Return to Ravnica block for Magic: The Gathering will be entitled Dragon’s Maze.  It is scheduled to release on May 3, 2013.
Dragon’s Maze will include 156 new cards, making this a smaller expansion than the other two sets in the block.  Like the other sets in this block, Dragon’s Maze focuses on the on-going conflicts between the ten “guilds” of the mystic city of Ravnica.  Five guilds were introduced in each of the first two sets, and all ten guilds are included in Dragon’s Maze.
The cards will be available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Event Decks, and Fat Packs
The normal Wizards of the Coast program of events to support the new release are planned.  Pre-release events will occur on April 27 and 28.  A Pro Tour event is planned for May 17 – 19, and a Game Day on May 25 and 26. Pro Tour qualifying rounds will begin on December 22 and conclude on March 17.
The second Return to Ravnica set, called Gatecrash will release on February 1st (see "'Gatecrash' Releasing in February'").