Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Q1 2013 debut of Masques (MSRP $12.95), a card game for 2-4 players, who take on the roles of influential families as the they plot, scheme, and attempt to outmaneuver their opponents for the favor of the powerful Venetian guilds.  Designed by Catherine Dumas, Charles Chevalier, and Pascal Pelemann, Masques takes place at a prestigious masquerade ball at the palace of the Doge during the Venetian Carnival.
In the intrigue-happy game of Masques, players can hire agents to do their dirty work, assassinating, wooing, or robbing members of the court as players scheme to become the power behind the throne in the thriving merchant city.  Players can send the most influential representatives of their families to mingle at the Doge’s masquerade.  By cleverly positioning these guests (and by manipulating those of their opponents) players vie for the attention of Venice’s powerful guild masters in order to acquire the most political power for their family.
The Masques game comes ready to play out of the box with 75 cards, 50 tokens, and a 12-page rule book.