Clever Mojo Games and Game Salute are planning a Gen Con 2013 release for the cleverly named elephant racing game, Formula E.  Master game designer Bruno Faldutti (Mystery of the Abbey, Lost Temple, Isla Dorada, SmileyFace) collaborated with Sergio Halaban and Andre Zatz on Formula E, a fast-paced game in which 3-6 players (ages 14 and up) race their elephant pawns through an Indian village, over treacherous mountains, through tiger-infested jungles, and across parched deserts seeking to be the first to complete the course.
Tiger Card
The chief game mechanism in Formula E is hand management as players use their cards to advance their elephants through the course.  Since the elephants are moving in a crowd, the elephants push the elephants in front of them until the frontrunners hit an obstacle, then the active elephant pushes sideways until a path is clear to move forward again.  Players have access to various cards that change the way their elephants move in a unique manner that has them pushing and dodging and charging along the track, plus there are cards that players can use to benefit themselves and hinder their opponents.
A typical fast-paced Formula E games takes just 45-60 minutes to play.