Ken Solo of Checkmate Games & Hobbies in Toledo, Ohio comments read Scott Thorne's column on the game publisher Flying Buffalo (see "Rolling for Initiative--The Buffalo Still Flies") and had this to say.
Thank you for running the article about the Flying Buffalo company.  I have considered Tunnels & Trolls a classic and influential part of the gaming culture (if derivative from D&D) and I spent so much time in college playing Nuclear War I'm sure grades suffered!  Both of these were on the short list of items that HAD to be part of my beginning inventory when Checkmate opened, because I think it is important to keep these now classic games in front of the gaming public, even a generation later!  I have to say I was so focused on the 'revered elder' status of T&T that I failed to simply think of it as a great introductory RPG system.  Thanks!
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