Mayfair Games has announced the March release of Road Rally USA (MSRP $35.00), a fast-paced racing game designed by Carlo Rossi.  This strategy-heavy game is based on a game management mechanic.  Each of the 3-4 players, ages 12 and up, works with an identical deck, playing multiple cards of the same color to produce a boost in speed.  But players can only reshuffle their decks at gas stations, and when their hands or draw piles are deleted, the player is definitely in for trouble.
In this game players have to manage their hands wisely to conserve fuel and still come in first at the checkpoints in order to optimize their scores.  The deluxe Road Rally USA gamebox includes: 1 scoring deck (21 cards); 5 movement decks (21 cards per deck); 10 standard track tiles; 1 finish line tile; 1 starting line tile; 5 Player Aid card stock sheets; 5 wooden cars; 21 scoring chits; 6 checkpoint tiles, 1 Last Place Player marker; VP tokens; and a rule book.