Privateer Press has announced the fall 2013 release of Level 7 (Omega Protocol), a semi-cooperative survival board game that is the follow-up to Privateer’s first Level 7 board game, Level 7 (Escape), which was released last year (see "'Level 7' Board Game").  In Escape the players attempt to fight their way to freedom from a subterranean military base.  The events in Omega Protocol take place after the chaos of Escape as a government special ops team is sent into the subterranean prison to root out an infestation of aliens.
In Omega Protocol, two-to-five players take on the roles of an Elite Special Ops team, while one player acts as the Overseer, whose role is to control the aliens and the other challenges that the other players will face as they attempt to gain control of the facility.  The ops team works together to achieve specific scenario-based objectives by exploring a map and fighting off the aliens that the Overseer sends their way.  Characters in the game are represented by miniatures.  Each special ops operative and alien has different attributes, powers, and customizable skills.  Players can choose different weapons and equipment based on the missions that they are assigned. 
The elite special ops team runs on adrenalin, which they use to perform the actions necessary to defeat the alien hordes sent their way.  But when the soldiers use adrenalin it is transferred to the Overseer player, who can use the adrenalin to spawn new threats for the ops team.