Dwarven Forge’s Kickstarter for Game Tiles, its new 25mm gaming terrain, has now passed $1 million and seems destined to end up at a level considerably higher than that when the project funds in five days.

Game Tiles will be made of a new casting material that feels heavy and is extremely durable.  The project started with just four types of pieces, which could be assembled into many different dungeons, but with the many stretch goals has now metastasized to include a dozen or more additional types of pieces.

We would have been surprised at the size of this Kickstarter if we hadn’t already seen the spending power of fantasy miniature gamers with the funding of Reaper Miniatures’ Kickstarter for its Bones line at over $3.4 million last August (see "Reaper Kickstarter Raises $3.4 Million").

The Dwarven Forge Kickstarter has a relatively small, deeply committed group of backers.  Only around 3600 backers have pledged nearly $300 apiece to reach the current funding level.

Dwarven Forge is expecting to ship backers their Game Tiles by Christmas.