On July 19th, Bushiroad will release a new expansion set for its Weiss Schwarz trading card game featuring characters and artwork from the animated Sword Art Online series.  This expansion will include both Trial Decks (starters) and booster packs.  The Sword Art Online anime is based on a light novel series written by Reki Kawahara, which features a futuristic world where virtual reality games are used as a tool for mind control.
The expansion set includes 100 new cards in five rarities.  Gold foil chase cards featuring autographs from five Japanese voice actresses who performed for the animated series will be randomly inserted in some booster packs.  Each booster will include eight randomly packed cards, and are available in 20 pack displays.  Four rubber playmats will be included in each full carton (16 displays) for retailer promotions.
The Sword Art Online Trial Deck will be a pre-constructed 50 card deck.  It will include the game rules, play book, and playmat.  The deck and accessories are designed to help new players learn the Weiss Schwarz game.  19 different cards are in the deck, including five deck exclusive cards.  Gold foil chase cards will be randomly inserted in some decks, including an autograph card signed by series voice actress Haruka Tomatsu.

The property will be getting some exposure here in the U.S.  Aniplex of America announced at its panel at Anime Boston on Friday that the Sword Art Online television anime series will air on Adult Swim's Toonami block starting this August, according to AnimeNewsNetwork,. They also plan to release the series on Blu-ray and DVD around the same time.
More information about the Weiss Schwarz trading card game can be found here:  "Bushiroad's 'Weiss Schwarz' Decks in English."